MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

international showcase

Taste of Cement

Lebanon, Germany, Syria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, 2017, 85′

Director: Ziad Kalthoum


The Challenge

Italy, France, 2017, 69′

Director: Yuri Ancarani


The Malady of Iron Trilogy

Italy, 2010–12, 15’–26’–25’

Director: Yuri Ancarani



Sweden, Germany, 2016, 87’

Directors: Göran Hugo Olsson, Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén


Concerning Violence

Sweden, Finland, Denmark, USA, 2014, 84’

Director: Göran Olsson


The Black Power Mixtape 1967–1975

Sweden, USA, 2011, 92’

Director: Göran Olsson


In Praise of Nothing

Serbia, Croatia, France, 2017, 78’

Director: Boris Mitić



Israel, 2017, 64′

Director: Moran Ifergan



Turkey, Netherlands, 2017, 84’

Director: Gürcan Keltek


Hello Horse!

Latvia, 2017, 24’

Director: Laila Pakalniņa


The Experimental City

USA, 2017, 96’
Director: Chad Freidrichs


The Maribor Uprisings

USA, Slovenia, 2017, 90’

Directors: Maple Razsa, Milton Guillén


In the Intense Now

Brazil, 2017, 127’

Director: João Moreira Salles


Long Echo

Germany, 2017, 86’

Directors: Veronika Glasunowa, Lukasz Lakomy


Incident Reports

Canada, 2016, 70’

Director: Mike Hoolboom


Innocent Saturday

Russia, Ukraine, Germany, 2011, 99’

Director: Aleksandr Mindadze




Mariupol, 11’

Directors: Zoya Laktionova, Tetiana Kornieieva


It’s Breathing

Zaporizhia, 10’
Director: Polina Olkhovnikova



Druzhkivka, 12’

Director: Lizaveta German


April Fool

Bylbasivka, 9’

Director: Mykhailo Koroliov


Avdiivka People’s Museum

Avdiivka, 6′

Director:  Piotr Armianovski


Kettlebells oh my kettlebells

Polovynkyne, 14’

Director: Yevgen Nikiforov


Where is My Grandmother Today?

Berdiansk, 10’

Director: Ania Nasadiuk


My friend Don Quixote

Severodonetsk, 16’

Director: Stanislava Doronchenko


The Dream Machine

Enerhodar, 8’

Director: Katya Oliinyk


Palm of the North

On the Edge of Time

Latvia, 2017, 26’

Director: Antons Barons


Eight Hours

Україна / Ukraine, 2017, 21’

Director: Lena Shulika


Totally Stranger

Ukraine, 2018, 14’

Director: Aleksandr Surovtsov


Adzhakhy Trip

Україна / Ukraine, 2017, 7’

Director: Sashko Protiah



Ukraine, 2018, 30’

Director: Zhanna Ozirna


The Film of Kyiv. Episode One

Ukraine, 2017, 8′

Director: Oleksiy Radynskyi


Hitchhiking Patagonia

Georgia, Argentina, Chile, 2016, 13’

Director: Beso Gvenetadze



Estonia, Belgium, 2017, 30’

Director: Ingel Vaikla


The Moon the Sun and the Musketeers

Armenia, Portugal, 2017, 20’

Director: Vahagn Khachatryan


Happy Pills

Білорусь, Росія / Belarus, Russia, 2017, 31’

Director: Alexander Zubovlenko



Russia, 32’, 2017

Director: Mikhail Gorobchuk



Lithuania, 2016, 18′

Director: Martynas Kundrotas


Trailer Award


They provoke, excite, enchant, and they deceive. They breed desire and need. They flirt with you and make you fall in love long before the first date. They brim with promises and hints. They playfully leave the door open and slightly twitch the curtain. Short, dazzling, fleeting. When they’re spot on, they make you want a lot more. That’s the point of any trailer – to make you beg for more.


We know very well how important trailers are for film festival organisers, as the “86” team puts a great deal of effort into producing its own trailer each year. And then this massive block of high-quality video content enjoys only a few days of circulation. This year, the “86” IFFU will host the world’s first film festival trailer competition, bringing a second bite of the cherry and a new audience to this small form.


Video poetry by Johann Johansson, Joey Rosenblatt, Abel Ferrari, John Smith and Marina Razbezhkina – it’s all of this and so much more in our selection of festival trailers.You are guaranteed to be surprised and you’ll definitely want more.