MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

The Maribor Uprisings

USA, Slovenia, 2017, 90’

Directors: Maple Razsa, Milton Guillén


In the once prosperous industrial city of Maribor, Slovenia, anger over political corruption became unruly revolt. In “The Maribor Uprisings” — part film, part conversation, and part interactive experiment – you are invited to participate in the protests. As a viewer, you must decide collectively with your fellow audience members which cameras you will follow and therefore how the screening will unfold. Like those who joined the actual uprisings, you will be faced with the choice of joining non-violent protests or following rowdy crowds towards City Hall and greater conflict.


CPH:DOX (2017), Hot Docs (2017), DOK Leipzig (2017).