MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

Architectural Workshop

Creating a Campsite for the «86» Festival of Film and Urbanism within the framework of the festival’s Urban Program


28.04 — 08.05.2018 — 13.05.2018


Curator of the Architectural Workshop: Olha Koval


Working language: English

Amount of participants: 25





HELLO WOOD (Hungary)


COLL COLL (Czech Republic)

2021 (Slovakia)

Formografia (Ukraine)


Kotlovan (which translates as a ‘pit’) is a lake that never has been filled with the water—– this hardship can be interpreted as an endless source of numerous urban scenarios. The most obvious among them is the development of the “embankment”.  Despite its pragmatism and predictability this strategy perfectly rhymes with the poetical context of the last Soviet utopian city — Slavutych.


Because of its high potential, hidden attractiveness and popularity among festival guests, we decided to concentrate our attention exactly on this zone.


The upcoming building workshop will produce structures for the temporary camping site, food court and recreation filling of the “embankment” to be used to accommodate and entertain guests during the festival.


This workshop is being organized to create communities of practice, and knowledge sharing networks amongst people interested in creating new structures to guide public space and interaction It is not about “come, make something and leave”, but about creating a legacy that transcends the ephemerality of the built environment.


Ukrainian and international students, recent graduates and young professionals from all creative fields including but not limited to design, architecture, urban planning, landscape design etc. are invited to participate in the Building Workshop that will take place from 28 April until 08 May 2018.


Workshop results will be presented and inhabited during the upcoming festival.


86 IFFU  will provide all the participants with the accommodation and food during the whole period of the workshop and 5th IFFU “86” (28th April – 13th May). Travel expenses for participants to reach Slavutych will be covered up to a maximum of 1200 UAH per participant, to be refunded upon submission of original tickets and receipts.


Additionally, all the participants will receive a pass for all the screenings during the festival.


Participants are advised to make their own provisions for medical insurance if they are not covered in Ukraine.


Any questions, please address them to workshop@86.org.ua