MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

Anomaly: Freak Rave Cabaret

Exclusion zone anomalies cause unpredictable mutations, breeding crazy techno-freaks. Prepare to mutate all night long on Saturday, as we bring the Freak Rave Cabaret to Slavutych for the first time.  The show begins on May 12th at 23.00







Souteneur & Acid Bitch




video: SCART


Following in the footsteps of nomadic circuses that traveled all across Europe for centuries, the Freak Rave Cabaret coalition has updated their model and converted into an utterly dense, elastic, saturated, consuming nomad-rave-session The coalition brings together ingenious musicians and elegant adventurers who will deliver performances interwoven with musical pieces. The Freak Rave Cabaret is more than a party: it’s a woodoo feast of sound, movement, and images. 



Freak Rave Cabaret will be started by O — solo project of the singer and composer Ira Novikova. O is a synthesis of your secret desires and pleasures with the element of music — the royal of arts. It will be able to feel the words with this feeling to unfasten their own body in a sound tour.


Performance of О with Skallahavet and NFNR in Эfir:



After O, your consciousness will be crumbled by Zavgoth —an artistic embodiment of Yaroslav Kachmarsky. Zavgoth will grind you up to the level of indivisible particles, collect them, put them apart again, shred them again — all this will last as long as you want it.



Zavgoth on 20ft Radio:




Next in Lineup — Mussalina — the artist and director Alina Yakubenko, whose musical path under the pseudonym Mussalina began at the concert of the gay chansonnier Alexander Zalupin.



Mussalina on 20ft Radio: 



The frick level will be taken beyond our understanding by Souteneur and Acid Bitch. Souteneur — one of the monikers of the painter and sound artist (and the cleaner of the Efir mansion) Sasha Dolgiy. Like the pimp, Souteneur will watch you for a long time, take care of you, and then not let you go — and it actually will not be easy for you to give up 90 bpm Somatik Techno just in the midst of our party.



In addition, Souteneur will not be alone, but with Acid Bitch —the alternate ego of the queen of the 33 Hypnotheatre Technocircus — Matilda Marina.



Souteneur and Acid Bitch performance in Эfir:



An unceasing eruption of a sound volcano will fill your ears with pleasure. This is Komitet has entered the stage of our cabaret. Komitet is an artistic pseudonym of composer and director Gosha Babansky. This night he will melt the coldest stone hearts.



Komitet in Plivka: 


Do Slavutych ants run insanely onto your skin? — this is our inexhaustible party stirred by Ostgoth — the solo musical project of the artist and thinker Vova Vorotniov. A strict, sophisticated image, an old school.



Well, you can say a lot about the next artist in our lineup. Or nothing at all. In addition, the хуй (‘’a dick’)’ usually says everything himself — today Andriy Sidorkin under this pseudonym will provoke seemingly impossible movements of our bodies when they will be already barely moveable.



Sidorkin and Dolgiy performance in Эfir:



Our Freak Rave Cabaret also will be supported with superb visual effects by SCART.