MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH


Тhe Viter curating group


April 29 at 13:00 — оpening of land-art exposition and curatorial tour

April 30 at 11:00, May 1 at 10:00, May 2 at 12:00 — curatorial tour


Land Art program of the Festival “86” points out at the natural environment of Slavutych, as well as the ecological relationships between humans and nature. The goal of the project is to detect the territory and its uniqueness through intervention to the natural space of modern art objects and installations.


“I think there is only one reality and it is nature. City tends to embrace fiction. Because of its unreality city opposes nature, the symptom of which is environmental pollution.”

Marco Casagrande, architect


Land Art unravels the closeness of humans to nature, and nature to urban landscape. The program studies boundaries of both physical and mental manifestations of a city space and connected natural environment. The artist debunks the myth about the binary system of nature and city by using the local context. Closeness of different environments epitomizes endless compromises, borrowings, and interaction. Humans are the subject that models such connections.


Eight invited artists from Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia will create the art objects on the Slavutych town border. Presentation of the objects will take place on May 28.


Participants of the Land Art program at the Festival of Film and Urbanism “86”: Yuriy Vyshniakov (Sumy), Marharyta Zhurunova (Lviv), Vitaliy Kokhan (Kharkiv), Nataliya Lisova (Vinnytsia), Bohdan Lokatyr (Lviv), Serhiy Yakunin (Lviv), Bazinato (Maladziečna, Belarus), Mamuka Samkharadze (Tbilisi, Georgia).


Coordinators of the program: the Viter curating group, Yehor Antsyhin, Anna Kakhiani, Kateryna Tykhonenko. Consultant: Kseniya Malykh.




Serhiy Yakunin

Born 1954 in Lviv, Ukraine. Works with sculpture, installations, video and land art. Participant of land art symposiums since 1988 (Sedniv’s Plain Air, Mohrytsia, Mythogenesis, Khortytsia). Lives and works in Lviv.


Mamuka Samkharadze

Born 1973. In 1998, graduated from the Tbilisi Arts Academy. Prefers site-specific installations. Participant of the international group projects in Russia, the Netherlands, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Lives and works in Tbilisi.



Bazinato is a pseudonym of Ihar Stachinevič. Lives and works in Maladziečna, Belarus. Audio and visual artist who combines in his experiments artistic and scientific approach. Works with practices of interaction and perception. Studies the world of macro and micro structure, patterns, and connection, space and time.


Nataliya Lisova

An artist, art expert, coordinator of the art projects by the Laboratory of Topical Creativeness in Vinnytsia, Ukraine and the Land Art Course in Kyiv. Participant of the number of international plain air events, symposiums, and land art contests, environment, and performance.


Bohdan Lokatyr

Born 1993 in Dnipro, Ukraine. Since 2015, became an active participant of the environment art projects, collaborating with Marharyta Zhurnova. Participated in such land art projects as Mythogenesis (2015-2017) and Khortytsia (2016), as well as land art symposium Mohrytsia (2016), residence Luftpause-2016 (curated by Serhiy Yakunin). Lives and works in Lviv.


Marharyta Zhurnova

Born 1994 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Since 2012 studies Book Graphics in the Ukrainian Academy of Print. Since 2015, participates in the land art festival Mythogenesis (curated by Oleksandr Nykytiuk). Artistically collaborates with Bohdan Lokatyr.



Vitaliy Kokhan

Born 1987 in Sumy, Ukraine. Since 2005, he is a regular participant of the Borderline Space land art symposium (Mohrytsia, Myropillia in Ukraine). Since 2008, recurrent participant of ArtPole land art program. In 2013, took part in the residential program K.A.I.R. (Košice, Slovakia). A painter, drawing artist, creator of objects and installations, land artist. Lives and works in Kharkiv.


Yuriy Vyshniakov

Born 1983 in Sumy, Ukraine. Studied History, Archeology, and Reconstruction. Organizer and participant of the Mohrytsia land art festival. Works with land art since 2008. Regular participant of the Ukrainian land art festivals, such as Morhytsia, Mythogenesis, and Khortytsia. Lives and works in Sumy.