MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH


Yulia Landau and Marharyta Kulichova
(Grisly Faye)


April 28 at 20:30


In the opening night of the International Festival of Film and urbanism “86” we invite you to make yourselves comfortable on the lawn in Slavutych downtown, to enjoy the setting sun and allow us to take charge of the sonic accompaniment to the town in twilights.


During street concert for organ and electronica we will play classical pieces for organ, modern electronic music, we will sing arias, and will tell a story about intimacy [propinquitātem] which is being glorified [laudate] with music.


Yulia Landau is a head and soloist of the Slavutych hall of organ music, she was a student in the organ class of the honored artist of Ukraine OlhaDmytrenko and participated in the workshops of Professor Marcus Willinger (Germany) and Heribert Metzger (Austria).


Marharyta Kulichova, also known as Grisly Faye. A composer and an actress who have 2 studio releases and a number of concerts in different parts of the world.


Yulia and Marharyta met each other in the beginning of 2017, they started their work right away. During their first session week, which took place in Slavutych, the girls were carefully developing their collaboration, drinking liters of tea and discussing tastes in music, trying to find common ground between the two rather different musical worlds.


As it turned out, putting together a program consisting of classical and modern pieces that would be recognizable for the listeners is a pretty difficult task. So during the second session, in Kyiv, the girls composed the program in accordance to emotional and sensual parts of the pieces, which explain, support, and mutually complement each other while speaking in different musical instruments.