MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

Hotel “Ukraina”

40 min ride from Slavutych, free festival bus

Price: from 590 UAH for the twin room


During the festival, the hospitable town of Chernihiv is ready to provide urbanists and devoted moviegoers with the roof over their heads. Therefore, while getting the reservation or your check-in don’t forget keywords: “«86» festival”. Benevolence and free tickets for our shuttle bus for you, in turn for our information to provide these tickets for everyone who needs.


It’s 1 km from the hotel to the bus station.


Reservation and detailed information: +38046 2651400


More information


The free festival bus will run two times a day in the morning and evening. Journey time: 40 minutes.


Chernihiv — Slavutych

May 10: 09:40 [Hola hostel] ⟹ 09:50 [Papas hostel] ⟹ 10:00 [«Україна» (“Ukraina”) hotel] ⟹ Slavutych [“Tallinn” restaurant].

May 11-13: 08:40 [Hola hostel] ⟹ 08:50 [Papas hostel] ⟹ 09:00 [«Україна» (“Ukraina”) hotel] ⟹ Slavutych [“Tallinn” restaurant].


Slavutych — Chernihiv

May 9–13: 02:00 (night).