MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

86 Festival announces the MyStreetFilms-Frontier competition

MyStreetFilms-Frontier offers you a chance to make a film about your street, your neighbour, your spot or a town in Luhansk or Donetsk regions.


It’s a project for journalists, activists, public figures, creative people, dreamers, and all storytellers.


The dictionary defines boundary as limit line, border, brim, edge, something that fixes limit or extent.   But also the boundary means a threshold, a development degree. In recent years, there is an information boundary at the East,  with its “militants”, “terrorists”, “threats” and “forces”. We are in the need of people’s faces, living voices, and real stories. That is why this year MyStreetFilmsUkraine goes to a new development level and sets off to break the boundary.


The projects submitted to the competition may be documentary, animated, experimental and mixed films lasting up to 15 minutes. Experience with video or movie is not fundamental but the projects with visual materials will be appreciated and preferred.


DEADLINE for PROJECT SUBMISSION of is February 20, 2017.
Application form is on the link.
Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the organisers.
Additional information: nadia@86.org.ua.



• projects submission until February 20th, 2017;

• first round selection results announcement, work on the projects begins — February 22-24;

• intensive workshop on filmmaking — March 2-5th, Kramatorsk;

• selection results announcement of the second round — March 5-10th;

• individual consultations, finishing the principal shootings, analysis of material, preparation for postproduction — up to April 16th;

• intensive workshop on postproduction — April 17-21st, Kyiv;

• film premiere at the 86 Festival in Slavutych, the Grand Prix and the audience prize awards — April 27th-May 2nd;

• the winning film screening and participation at the prestigious International Festival — July;

• screenings in different cities across Ukraine in the framework of the “86: Afterword” — May-October 2017.

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