MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

Meet the Official Trailer of «86» “Something in the Air”

The 5-th Festival of Film and Urbanism «86» presents the official trailer of the year 2018. The director is Nadia Parfan, the score is written by Margo Kulichova aka Grisly Faye, the graphic editors are Lera Guevska and Kate Voznytsia. Special thanks to Iryna Zaytseva and Yuri Bulychov.


“The topic of this year’s Festival “Something in the Air” is about what’s hidden, perhaps the most important things in life: the blush that suddenly breaks out on another person’s cheeks; the “This is it” moment; the time you see another person and you know, through an inkling, that they’re going to be yours. It’s about intuition. It’s about the greatest mysteries of the world not having been solved, whatever some scientists in Australia might say,” explains Nadiia Parfan, the festival’s co-founder and creative director.


The event will be held in Slavutych for the fifth time in 2018 and will run between May 9th and 13th.