MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

Participants of «86» Urban Residency will present their projects in Slavutych

Participants of the «86» Urban Residence will present their projects in Slavutych. The residency is curated by METASITU, directors of the Urban Program of the 5th Festival of Film and Urbanism «86». Nine residents — architects, urbanists and artists — represent the countries that were involved in the creation of Slavutych: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, as well as Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Together they spent the month speaking about the historical development and potential future of Slavutych, and then they developed their urban projects.


During the festival «86» in Slavutych will be an audiovisual installation in a secret place, audiovisual installation in an out-of-office telephone booth, photographs of local interiors printed on city billboard, and much more.




Schedule of presentations and access to projects:


Olya Zovskaya’s pop-up cafe + intervention “Cafe Zvarnots”

When: 10.05. 14:00–20:00 11.05.–13.05 (intervention)

Where: Square in Yerevan District


Michaela Lakova’s installation “Memories of Slavutych”

When: 10.05. 18:00–22:00

Where: Tbilisi District, 4


András Tábori’s (from GRUPPO TÖKMAG) video “Metropolitan Archeology Slavutych”

When: 11.05. 12:30

Where: Children School of Arts


Jürgen Rendl’s performance “We set out or home and all we found was sand”

When: 11.05. 14:00

Where: Follow the trace of sand from the Children School of Arts


Mattias Malk’s “Slavutych Gallery Opening”

When: 11.05. 18:00–21:00

Where: Slavutych Museum of Local History


Katya Berlova & Olesia Onykiienko’s audiovisual performance “Royal”

When: 11.05. 21:30 11.05.–12.05 (video screening)

Where: Kyiv District, 5


Aleksandr Yeltsin’s installation “Somewhere There”

When: 11.05.–13.05

Where: Chernihiv District, 15


Sibylle Feucht’s installation “Slavutych @Home”


Where: Billboard in front of “Staryj Tallinn” Restaurant