MAY 9 - MAY 13 / 2018, SLAVUTYCH

86 introduces ticket system

Good quality culture needs your support!


Four years in a row Festival 86 has been contributing to the development of Ukrainian art. A lot of amazing changes has happened in these years and we have seen huge cultural progress. We art glad to be a part of the change and want to go further, into new spaces, in order to embody everything that seems distant and inaccessible at the moment. But the movement we yearn to requires society support and community engagement for it is the only way we can become the initial part of social and economic life.


The cultural economy is the economy also. The world heads towards common consumption: Uber instead of taxis, AirB’n’B instead of hotels, Spotify instead of a record shop. We rarely buy something material and “eternal”, and choose new experience and new possibilities instead – we want to share the extraordinary that we have. That is why it is high time to choose unique experience!


At 86 you can visit Ukrainian premieres of the best documentaries from all around the world and become a member of the art projects and performances that change our understanding of the society. Join us in our desire to create the incredible experience and buy the subscription (all-included pass) for the Festival by the link.


We provide flexible prices and special offers for vulnerable social categories, so everyone can enjoy the film holiday. Details about the ticket are here.